You Too can have that “Office”
with an Ocean or Poolside View!
Be Productive, Anywhere-Anytime!
Do you want to be chained to a desk in a stuffy office
for the rest of your life? If not, read on!

Our electronic manual "Handheld Computer in place of your PC" will give you the TOOLS you need to streamline your life in less than a week! Simply by using a handheld computer in place of your laptop in the field. Almost any handheld computer will do!

Get the freedom you deserve NOW!

Dear Friend:

Do you have to be at an office or at work to make money? What if your office or work area could be at the beach, or pool side with a drink in hand, would this be something that might interest you?

We will show you how to carry all your computer files with you 24/7 in the form of a cell phone that you probably carry anyway. This would include access to all your email accounts and to all your online affairs regardless of where you go.

Be anywhere you want to be and still be productive:

  • Get out! Your "Office" can be where you enjoy going again!
  • Have that extra time! Effortlessly free up at least 2 hours from your work day to spend with that special person!
  • Be more productive! Have access to all your important computer files 24/7!
  • Have more time for you! Get out of that stuffy office and stay productive! Your clients or boss will never know!
  • Be a mover and shaker! Never waste idle time because you don't have access to your computer and files!
  • Spend time with those you enjoy! Don't catch up with your computer work when you get home, spend that time with loved ones!
  • Look smart to you family, loved ones, and even your boss! Never miss appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, or other events again, we'll show you how to stay on top of everything going on around you!
  • Take care of your stuff anywhere, anytime! While waiting for the doctor or dentist, do you waste precise time flipping through magazines you probably wouldn't read in the first place?
  • More money! Make more money in less time ... from wherever you want to be!
  • Be on top of all correspondences! Know when you receive important emails or faxes, and the ability to answer them anywhere, anytime! Even view and forward faxes on the fly, no need to head back to work.
  • Know what's going on around you, even in a new city! Know what events are happening around your hotel or in the city you live in, with a tap on the screen!
  • Keep up with all the sports scores as they happen! You'll be notified each time your favorite team scores, as it happens!

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